How Gray Line Westcoast Sightseeing Leveraged Holibob's Strategies to Drive Direct Bookings

Ed Tidey
Senior Growth Manager



"The team from Holibob has been great to work with. The group is innovative, engaging, and eager to understand our business and provide direction."
Jason Bryant, President
Grayline West Coast Sightseeing


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Grayline West Coast Sightseeing


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Grayline West Coast Sightseeing


Reduction in cost per click spend

Increase online revenue by implementing strategies to enhance the conversion rate on the company's direct website and drive the sale of higher-value tours.


Faced with the challenge of a rapidly approaching high season, our team swiftly implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to capitalize on the influx of potential travellers. Our solution encompassed four key components: brand positioning, website optimization, content enhancement, and targeted advertising.

We began by conducting a brand positioning exercise to clearly communicate what differentiates the company's brands from competitors. Next, we optimized the company's existing website to enhance user experience and improve conversion rates.

We then revamped the tour descriptions to create compelling and informative content aligned with travellers' interests. Finally, we launched a targeted paid advertising campaign to engage travellers actively seeking unique experiences.


Through this multifaceted approach, we successfully positioned the company to attract and convert a higher volume of bookings during the high season.

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