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“I was looking for a solution to put all of the locations under one website and I wanted all the marketing to be handled by one company.”
Mike Huberty, Founder
American Ghost Walks


ROAS across Summer 2023
American Ghost Walks


Increase in bookings MoM
American Ghost Walks



Delivering the most entertaining and unique true crime and paranormal-themed tours across the United States for the past 13 years, American Ghost Walks combines dedicated local experts in the authentically spooky and surreal with unrivalled flair and enthusiasm.

Founded by Mike Huberty as a local operation in Weird Wisconsin’s capital of Madison, American Ghost Walks have expanded impressively to become a network offering supernatural experiences across 24 destinations in the US and Puerto Rico. From LA to New Orleans, Madison to Minneapolis, there has never been a better way to immerse yourself in America’s paranormal history.

Putting Expertise to Work

Partnering with Holibob through our Success-Based Marketing offering since the Summer of 2022, American Ghost Walks have worked closely with our Marketing and Content teams to bring American Ghost Walks' destinations into a single, unified site that captures the team’s unique approach to sharing the paranormal - and brings in unique design elements to immediately immerse visitors into the world of American Ghost Walks.

Doing so has also helped improve ad efficiency, as Holibob is able to deliver a develop a holistic approach to campaigns across Facebook and Google - lifting every destination with one proven framework. Throughout the process, Holibob has worked closely with Mike to ensure a direct link between himself and the Holibob team so that his insights into the paranormal tourism scene are understood and used to augment Holibob’s digital marketing strategies.

By putting our expertise to work and maintaining an open dialogue with the American Ghost Walks team, Holibob is able to drive efficiency by targeting those most likely to book a tour in-destination and quickly optimising ad spend around key events or fluctuations in availability.

As American Ghost Walk’s collection of tours has grown, Holibob’s Content team have developed SEO optimised descriptions and conversion-driving content for new product pages, ensuring discoverability and engagement, and ultimately delivering more direct bookings. Holibob’s Content team also advise and collaborate with American Ghost Walks to produce their monthly newsletter, as well as seasonal content for events like Halloween and the Oscars.

Where to Catch American Ghost Walks

The American Ghost Walks team are most reliably found running their tours across the US and Puerto Rico so be sure to seek them out in your local area or when passing by one of their locations.

Alternatively, American Ghost Walks team members, and Mike himself, are frequent attendees at conventions all over the United States - like the upcoming Orange County Online Paracon from October 7. An up-to-date list of upcoming events is kept on their website

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