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We’re an ambitious global team, making it easy for anyone to sell exceptional experiences through pioneering technology
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We deliver the convenience and curation travellers crave, driving increased revenue and fostering deeper customer relationships for Travel Brands and DMOs. Simultaneously, we assist Tour and Attraction Operators in capturing more direct bookings, ensuring a more profitable business.
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In 2023 we grew...


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Machu Pichu
Our mission

Why we do, What we do

We’re enriching the lives of people everywhere by pioneering new technology that connects people to things to do they will love.
Our story

Where it all started

Whilst the strategy has evolved, the motivation and overall vision has remained the same: We are helping people discover and book amazing, memorable things to do, wherever they are, whoever they are with, whenever they want. And, in the process, we are making it easy for any travel brand, operator, destination, or creator to sell those experiences and grow their business…
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Holibob Founders
our executive team
Craig has always been a lover of travel and experiences, whether it is hiking 1000k over the Pyrenees or taking a Skoda Fabia from London to Mongolia. It was this love that drove Craig to found holibob - allowing as many people as possible to have unforgettable travel experiences.
Craig Everett
Angus ignited his entrepreneurial passion by founding a successful ski business at university while completing his Masters in Economics. Angus now drives our vision to change the tours and attractions landscape. In his spare time Angus plays rugby and can be regularly found on a sailing boat.
Angus Hardy
As our technology guru, Graeme has been instrumental in delivering our innovative and best in class Holibob system. With over 20 years experience as a CTO, Graeme has delivered world class solutions for companies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Reed Elsevier, and Gartner.
Graeme Bryce
Michael has been building game-changing brands for over two decades, spanning the worlds of marketing, product, and strategy to deliver consumer-focused experiences that drive growth and transform industries. He’s been focused on modernizing the tours and attractions space for 6 years now, including time leading Marketing for Viator/Tripadvisor.
Michael Lattig
Chief Brand and Strategy Officer
The only thing Dyan enjoys more than her profession in human resources is travel - especially local cultural experiences. Dyan’s primary role as VP of HR is to ensure Holibobers all over the world can be productive, impactful, creative and maintain their physical and emotional well-being.
Dyan Ellinger
VP, Human Resources
A passionate techpreneur who has worked for some of the most innovative travel brands, Alejandro was born into the travel Industry and has since been looking for ways to challenge the status quo. When not trying to make Holibob the next travel unicorn he enjoys Lego, Sports, and spending time with his family.
Alejandro Gomez Losada
VP, Commercial
Ahmad has been in software engineering industry since 1998. Worked in different environments between big enterprises and start-ups. Managed teams responsible for building highly scalable SaaS solutions especially in finance and online payment.
Ahmad Ibrahim
Director of Engineering

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