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Ralph Mrad

Senior Director of Business Development & Sales

I have never worked with a bunch of people who all like to work together this much.

When did you join Holibob, and how has your journey evolved within the company?

I joined Holibob in February 2022 after meeting with co-founders, Angus and Craig and agreed to work together. When I joined we were just 17 people across the company and now we are over 50! Since I did not come from a pure tech background, I worked closely with CEO, Craig and CTO, Graeme on some of our enterprise accounts which was a great way to learn about our tech.

What are you’re roles and responsibilities at Holibob?

In my current role, I manage the sales team that looks after our enterprise sales. These are the strategic accounts that Holibob is pursuing  and NUMA who we are providing with our latest Experiences Marketing Platform that empowers them to offer personalised tour and activity recommendations to their customer

What sets Holibob apart from other companies you've worked for in the past?

Holibob is the first start-up I have worked for. In the past, I have only worked with well-established companies which were fantastic training grounds. At Holibob, because we’re a lean and agile organisation that can make decisions quickly, we can innovate fast and deliver value for our partners in a way larger organisations aren’t able to.

What is your favourite aspect of working at Holibob?

I have never worked with a bunch of people who all like to work together this much and I believe remote working helps and flexibility helps us all to get the most out of our time at work.

Can you share a recent project or initiative that you found particularly exciting or challenging?

Leading our sales strategy for 2024 has been an exciting initiative with which to start the year. Getting all stakeholders buy in was important and aligning the sales goals with the company goals were crucial to ensure the success of the project and the team.

How does Holibob encourage collaboration and teamwork within the organization?

We have multiple working groups within the organisation that team members from relevant departments work together to make decisions on certain projects to move them forward. These are phenomenal collaborations that help us work closely together and overcome challenging projects to achieve greater results.

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