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Kasia Slowdowksa

Director of Operations and Support

I was encouraged to think creatively, and problem solve. It was a breath of fresh air.

What sets Holibob apart from other companies you've worked for in the past?

Before Holibob, I'd only worked in big international corporations. In those places, it was tough to make any real changes because I was always told to stick to the rules. It was a complete turnaround at Holibob, where I could suggest ideas and actually make them happen. I was encouraged to think creatively, and problem solve. It was a breath of fresh air

When did you join Holibob, and how has your journey evolved within the company?

I joined Holibob in March 2021. We were 12 people back then and I was the first non-native English speaker and the second woman in the company. My initial role was a Supply Account Manager. As time passed, I progressed to the position of Senior Manager, and later transitioned from Supply to the Support and Operations department. Earlier this year, I achieved a significant milestone by being promoted to the role of Director of Support and Operations. I'm really happy to see how the company has grown along with me, with almost half the team being women now and 35% being non-native English speakers.

What are your roles and responsibilities at Holibob?

I oversee Holibob's support operations, which encompass both B2B and B2C support. My team provides assistance to our partners and internal stakeholders, offering technical and non-technical support. We're also responsible for assisting customers who require help during their vacations. Additionally, I manage certain tools, with Hubspot being a key one, that facilitates our day-to-day operations.

Can you describe your favorite perk or benefit of being a part of the Holibob team?

The remote working - no doubt.

What do you enjoy most about the company culture at Holibob?

The people at Holibob are amazing. Everyone is friendly, supportive and fun to work with. You should see our monthly shout outs – they were going for so long that we had to cap it to only 2 shout outs per person 😊 It's pretty incredible how we managed to maintain this amazing atmosphere, even with our rapid growth last year. Additionally, our weekly coffee catch-ups (where the only rule is to not talk about work) have been essential in building genuine relationships with other co-workers. These gatherings have been a tradition since day one and have continued for the past three years.

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