Holibob co-founders recognised by Forbes as a 30 under 30 retail and Ecommerce leaders

Ed Tidey
Senior Growth Manager


A memorable trip in the making.

Many of us can remember a similar experience: You’re on a university-planned holiday. Just you and 80 of your ‘closest’ classmates, crammed into dormitory-style accommodations, meal deal in-hand, on a bumpy, 20-hour, multi-country bus ride to your skiing destination in the Alps.

If we’re lucky, trips like this leave us with some great stories and lifelong memories - fond or not. If you’re entrepreneurial, they can transform your life and the life of those you set out to help.

That’s what happened with Craig Everett and Angus Hardy, who came back from that ski holiday to their flat in Glasgow and thought ‘we can do better than that.’ Then set about planning a slightly more up-scale and enjoyable version of the university ski trip for 40 very happy classmates.

One Ski holiday snowballed into another, leading to a healthy following on social media and the idea to expand beyond the winter to summer getaways as well. Come graduation, that turned into a business called ‘100 Hour Holidays,’ an OTA aiming to provide experience packed long-weekend itineraries to travellers.

It was from here, Holibob was born. Having experienced first-hand the complexity of trying to access and book experiences in real time, it became clear that the need to resolve this connectivity issue spanned far further than their initial OTA concept.

What started as a way to improve ski vacations for their classmates now provides opportunity for any company to provide lasting memories for their customers by tapping into the best experiences around the world.

Craig and Angus have grown Holibob from their dining room table to a fully remote, global powerhouse that employs over 60 people in more than 11 countries around the world, and has raised £15 million to further their aim of enriching the lives of travellers everywhere by making sure they have access to the world of amazing adventures that await.

We are delighted that our co-founders Craig and Angus have been recognised on the Forbes 30-under-30 list for European entrepreneurs making an impact in retail and e-commerce, re-inventing how we shop online. Congratulations to all the other leaders!

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