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There is nothing like experiencing a level of frustration around what to do and who to do it with when travelling to bring great minds together.


As friends first Angus & Craig ​(our founders) met at university and through a mutual passion for travel and experiencing the world, set off on some great adventures together. Though unfortunately, like most travellers today they wanted to immerse themselves into their destinations with local experiences. This proved to be more than difficult with the current options for locating experiences fragmented and flooded with multiple apps and websites. That presented a challenge with what operator to use, let alone, what actually qualified as a local experience.


From this continued frustration, Angus & Craig decided to do something about it. From their initial conversations, Holibob was born

The idea; to open the tour, activity and experience market to everyone with an easy to use technology solution. 

The solution; having no bias and being independent of any other company, Holibob takes the availability of your tours, activities and experiences from any source anywhere and delivers a combined, live, health & safety compliant, insured set of operators in an easily integrated platform to our retail partners.  

The team; both Angus & Craig have surrounded themselves with not only the best team to bring their solution to life but also a team of fellow entrepreneurial thinkers and travel enthusiasts that have personally experienced the inefficient and frustrating marketplace as it is today. The time for an easy to use, non bias platform is now and that is Holibob. 

At team Holibob, we continue to innovate, develop and grow in order to meet the demands of our suppliers, retail partners and their customers. The cycle of innovation is never-ending to ensure that we are maintaining our place as the market leader and continue to bring activity, adventure and experience holidays to the mass market in an easy way.